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Glendale's Tech Ecosystem

On January 24, 2017, Glendale's City Council adopted the Glendale Tech Strategy. TheStrategy is a roadmap for growing Glendale’s technology-based sector. It provides a working definition of what comprises the technology sector, identifies key factors to growing a sustainable tech cluster, and measures the industry’s presence in the City of Glendale as it compares to the rest of Los Angeles County. 

The Glendale Tech Strategy developed recommendations on ways to strengthen this ecosystem through the development of networking events, enhanced marketing and improved amenities such as co-working space, fiber optics networks, and access to public transit.



4 Key Elements of the Glendale Tech Strategy

Glendale's Tech Ecosystem At-a-Glance
Glendale’s tech industry stimulates economic growth in the region by providing an ample source of jobs and high paying salaries. Currently, Glendale is home to 1,500 tech companies that employ over 20,000 people in the City. 

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