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The main objectives of the plan are to :

  • Re-imagine Artsakh Avenue through streetscape, public art, landscape, etc. as the heart of the Arts and Entertainment District

  • Enhance the alley between Brand and Artsakh as an integral part of the District

  • Make Artsakh Avenue more pedestrian-friendly, while protecting pedestrians from car traffic

  • Maintain adequate accessibility to public parking garages (and loading/service emergency access)

In August 2019, Council was presented with two alternative designs for the re-imagining of the Artsakh Paseo. They selected the  a one-way shared street alternative illustrated below.

August 27, 2019 staff report to City Council and presentation (PDF).

One-Way Shared Street Concept

Current Street Configuration
Two travel lanes, one in each direction with narrow sidewalks and an existing plaza on the north block.

190821 City Council Presentation_TALKING

Proposed Concept
Keep one south-bound travel lane from Wilson Ave to Harvard Street, replace one traffic lane with extended sidewalk and pedestrian areas for a pedestrian-oriented environment, while maintaining access to garages and tenant servicing.

190821 City Council Presentation_TALKING

The concept includes a raised speed table in the middle of the block which will increase pedestrian safety and comfort by slowing cars and allow some through movement that can help businesses be more successful. The spaces created are manageably scaled, and can be activated by adjacent businesses. They can be designed to accommodate seating, shade, art and interesting streetscape elements to create a destination. Access to the garage is maintained in this design with no change to the parking control functions of the garage.

South Block

The south block has a wider street section. The proposed concept includes a chicane to slow down vehicular speeds on the street. Parklets/sidewalk extensions are strategically located where the Marketplace Passageway meets the street, to create an interesting pedestrian experience. Retail kiosks can line the facade of the garage to add additional activation for the sidewalk extension/parklet. This design includes new trees, preserving existing palms. Access to garages and loading zones are maintained.

Public Alley Concept

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