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School's Out: Hiring a Minor?

Updated: May 4, 2023

The month of May is marked by the end of the school year and graduation parties. Eager teenagers will be looking for summer jobs and you may be considering hiring a minor.

While it isn’t as easy as hiring an adult, don’t be discouraged. Hiring minors is a great way to staff up and train our next generation’s workforce! The California Employer’s Association (CEA) is a great resource for hiring managers and business owners to help you successfully navigate the process. CEA has partnered with the City of Glendale to provide valuable HR advise to Glendale based businesses. But first, these are a few requirements to consider when hiring minors.

Considerations When Hiring Minors

  • Onboarding, Work Permits and Restrictions In addition to the regular onboarding requirements (see CEA’s New Hire Packet available for purchase), when you employ a minor you must make sure they have a permit to work and that you are satisfying wage and hour restrictions. These restrictions vary based on several factors including age, your industry, if they are actively attending classes, etc.

  • Mandated Reporter Training In California, employers (with 5 or more employees) that employ minors must provide “mandated reporter training” to all human resource employees and adults whose duties require direct contact and/or supervision of minors in the workplace.

Glendale Resources for Businesses

  • Free HR Hotline (866) 248-3074 Glendale business owners now have access to qualified HR professionals who can address any human resource-related questions and topics including minimum wage laws, working hour restrictions when hiring minors, and much more. Best of all, it’s completely FREE and confidential, courtesy of the City of Glendale, Economic Development Division.

Call the City’s FREE HR Hotline as often as you like. We have you covered!

  • Glendale Youth Employment Programs The Glendale Youth Alliance (GYA) works with the business community to provides jobs and training for youth. They operate programs that facilitate the hiring of youth from the local community. Hiring youth is an investment in Glendale’s future and GYA is committed to helping your business find the right young worker for you. Learn more at

Contributors: Choose Glendale Staff Writers and Giuliana Gabriel, CEA

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